East Lyme Historical Society

Welcome Back to the East Lyme Historical Society website!

Today’s technology was yesterday’s imagination and yesterday’s history gives understanding to today’s future and then there is “the cloud” where many gigabytes go for no apparent reason.  Our mission is to preserve history but we ended up becoming history.

Understanding the importance of being able to reach out to our community by way of computer technology we have been busy rebuilding our site.  Unfortunately we don’t really know where all those single socks go but we do know where computer information goes….into the cloud to only be captured by sites such as the “Wayback Machine”.  Piece by piece and with the help of a website coordinator the site is coming together and will soon be available for all things history in relation to our town and local area. While we are at it there will be a PayPal option added for membership enrollment and renewal or to make a donation to the Society.  

We are excited for the up-coming 2023 season at the Thomas Lee House and are happy to  have our website back up and running again.

In the meantime follow us on Facebook for upcoming programs and events.  

For more information contact us at: info@eastlymehistoricalsociety.org

East Lyme Historical Society

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